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Providing a wide assortment of high quality and reliable Agro Based & Petrochemical based products at affordable prices...

About Us

We, are one of the leading exporter, marketing manufacturer representative & sourcing company actively involved from the last fourteen years in the fields of Agro-based & Petrochemical based products. Our product range includes Edible Sunflower Oil, Canola Cooking Oil, Paraffin Wax, Crude Glycerine etc. Our company is getting best offers from well connected sellers in domestic and international markets. In addition to this, we are making them 100% satisfied, and they are working happy with us without adding any extra cost

Today, we have a good established working office in the capital of India-Delhi.,which is operated under the leader ship of Mr. Sandeep Gupta. He has a long marketing experience in domestic and International market. Also we have a strong, well trained hard working staff, which is dedicated to handle any type of sourcing related to products from Agro and Petrochemical Fields.

Other than the strong sourcing network, we are also backed by high quality service to bring a 100% satisfaction to our buyers & sellers in domestic & international market. Apart from helping the buyers and sellers, we help them in proper logistical handling, sampling, lab testing, which makes us different from other competitors.

Our mission is to provide a client with world class procurement strategies & business management solutions that enhances their business performances without any extra cost. We are capable of sourcing any type of product in the fields of Agro & Petro chemical including Edible Sunflower Oil, Canola Cooking Oil, Paraffin Wax, Crude Glycerine etc. in Asia, Central Asia, Europe, and America.

Today, we have our working office and business partners in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Greece, Argentina, Canada, USA, Germany, Rotterdam, Spain, and France.

Presently, we are know all over India and overseas Buyers, sellers and world branded Manufactures in the fields of Agro-based & Petro chemical. Locally in India, we have our sales distribution networks in regions like Noida (U.P), Bhiwadi (Mumbai-Maharashtra) & Tamil Nadu, and marketing office in Delhi.

We have a strong belief that having a single satisfied customer is more important than having many customers.